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Case Study, March 2017 - Worcestershire Highways Overbanding Programme

Eurovia Contracting Joint Sealing Division have been selected by Worcestershire Highways on an annual basis since 2012 to seal failing joints and cracks in asphalt carriageways across Worcestershire.

The dedicated team attend cracks and deteriorating asphalt joints in carriageways and roundabouts and seal them using our preferred product, Ultra-Band.



The defect area is prepared prior to the Ultra-band material being mixed and heated.Once the material has reached the correct application temperature, it is continually mixed at this temperature for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to application. The molten material is then poured into the prepared repair section and levelled. The finished repair is left to cool and solidify before reopening the road to traffic.



The Ultra-Band material is quick to install and can be applied all year round. There is no waste generated compared to traditional asphalt plane and patch techniques. The use of Ultra-Band to seal the faults in the carriageway significantly extends the life of the existing pavement reducing costs for the authority. The quick installation and curing times of the process reduces traffic management costs and disruption to the road user