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Case Study, March 2017 - Richmond Road, Filling and Overbanding

The A307 Richmond Road is situated right in the heart of Kingston upon Thames and is an extremely busy road being the main link between Richmond and Kingston.

Reflective cracking was evident throughout this section of carriageway with the surface course in need of treatment before it started to fail and potholes appear.


The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames were looking for a fast and effective treatment that would hold together their carriageway. Further funding was available to resurface this section of carriageway but works had to be delayed due to major statutory works. There was significant risk that another winter would cause the carriageway to structurally fail and a solution was required.


Eurovia proposed a fill and overbanding treatment which was applied to the surface cracks using Ultra-Band at a width of 100mm.


Ultra-Band is a pre-mixed, hot applied, polymer modified, resin-based compound incorporating a mixture of selected aggregates and fillers. Ultra-Band has superior crack filling and sealing properties along with effective adhesion to all nonporous bituminous and concrete surfaces.


In addition there were areas of multiple cracks that were treated using the Ultra-Screed material.


This approach has sealed the surface cracking and provided a high skid resistance along with a smooth surface improving the ride quality of the carriageway.


The works have significantly extended the life of the carriageway in a way that provides greater value for money than more invasive repairs.


The overbanding technique is also much quicker than other repair techniques reducing the impact on the travelling public and local residents. The fast curing material allows flexibility with traffic control and traffic movements keeping delays to a minimum.