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Case Study, March 2017 - M25 PQC Fine Milling and Jointing Works

Eurovia Joint Sealing were selected by the client to provide recess repairs to the construction joints of the M25 as part of larger maintenance project of the concrete carriageways to improve skid resistance and ride quality.

Project summary


Following the fine milling programme that was carried out Eurovia were deployed over several weeks on nights to recess the joints 100mm wide and 20mm deep and seal with Maxicrete F20. The colour match to the existing concrete was a particular concern to the client. The solution to this was a blended mix of buff and grey bauxite chippings which were applied to the surface of the Maxicrete. This provided the desired colour match and also the initial skid resistance properties required.


Key Benefits of Eurovia solution


Recess repairs to the joints prevent the ingress of water and debris. The flexible properties of Maxicrete will ensure the joint remains sealed for many years to come, ensuring the longevity of the asset. The process of recess repairs is quick and efficient. With the tight timeframes of lane closures on the M25 this was particularly important.