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Our Community

Good relationships with the communities we serve help support our business and our employees.

Local authorities are a significant proportion of our client base and we are directly accountable to the communities in which we work and keenly aware that our behaviour as a responsible business is an important aspect of our overall performance, reflecting well on our clients too. Increasingly, these clients need to provide more for less, and our support furthers this central aim. We help them in tackling critical issues such as skills development, unemployment among key groups and improvements to the environment in which people live, work and learn.


Many of those people are our own employees and we are proud to provide them with the means to improve their communities. All Eurovia UK employees have an allowance of two days per year to volunteer for community projects, charities and good causes. We also encourage our partners to match us in donating time and materials to help local projects happen. Many respond with enthusiasm - as you can read in the stories on our website and in the CR Report.


Such initiatives often involve residents and the staff of our clients and partners working closely with our employees, building genuine bonds through mutual effort. These experiences strengthen both brand recognition and positive association with the Eurovia UK brand, which help to mitigate those negative impacts which are sometimes inherent in our work. Our CR Champions have been in place since 2012 and are steadily providing a link between our local businesses and the community.


Working side by side in the community is just one aspect of our extensive stakeholder communication that we consider essential to doing our work well. We are always willing to invest in further improvements that help us talk to people and let them talk to us: through consultation, staff training, early adoption of new technologies and tailoring communications programmes specifically to particular works and schemes.


We recognise that the noise, traffic disruption and heavy vehicle movement associated with our activities cannot be made desirable. However, when people know who we are, what we’re doing and that the job will be carried out to a higher level, the overall perception of our work is positive. Our community involvement is an important step in maintaining and proving that perception.