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Apprenticeships at Eurovia and Ringway


We are interested in you as an individual and are committed to coaching, mentoring and developing you into skilled, fully trained employees.  Upon completion of the Apprenticeship Scheme, you will be able to provide the Company with the specialist skills that we need to maintain the success of our operations. So you are very important to us!


What is an Apprenticeship?


An apprenticeship refers to on-the-job training which leads to nationally recognised qualifications.  It is a form of vocational training which enables individuals to earn a wage while at the same time learning the skills necessary to succeed in their chosen career. They are designed by employers for employers and are therefore tailored to meet the needs of the individual business.   Apprenticeships combine on and off the job training:

  • On the job - you will work on site to acquire the necessary practical skills which contribute towards a work based qualification
  • Off the job – you will spend time with the learning provider, to acquire the necessary technical skills and theoretical knowledge


The key advantages of doing an Apprenticeship


There is much to gain from your Apprenticeship.  The more that you put into it, the more you get out of it. You will:

  • Get a real job following your chosen career
  • Receive a recognised qualification
  • Earn a wage
  • Learn industry specific skills which employers really want
  • Have the opportunity to learn completely new skills or study further in your chosen area
  • Receive full support from college
  • Be able to use your existing skills and knowledge
  • Make a real and meaningful contribution to the business
  • Benefit from Eurovia’s investment in you


How will the work I do support what I am learning at college?


We will provide you with excellent opportunities to develop your individual skills, both formally and informally. Working on an actual site means that you gain first-hand experience within operations and witness the skills those working around you. Enabling you to see how the different elements of what we do work together to complete the contracted job. 


As we work in partnership with our chossen colleges, what you learn at college is directly applicable to the works we carry out within the business.  The following table demonstrates the core areas that make up our Highways Apprenticeship, however we offer other areas as well:



Highways Apprenticeship


Competence based


Level 2

NVQ in Highway Maintenance   (Construction)



Theoretical underpinning knowledge


Level 2

Diploma in Highway Maintenance    - Excavation Operations



Practical On-The-Job Training




What does Eurovia and Ringway expect from me?


We appreciate that you are either new to this industry or even to employment in general and we want to do what we can to support you.  All that we ask of you is the following:

  • To work hard and follow Company policies and procedures and maintain a good standard of behaviour
  • Accept responsibility for your own learning and to ask for help when needed (from the college or supervisors)
  • Attend college when required, and attend work whenever you are not at college unless you are on authorised annual leave
  • To learn, understand and adhere to our strict Health and Safety rules
  • To be honest and trustworthy and willing to learn how to do the job well
  • To be motivated to progress and develop career skills
  • To complete all required college work between the visits of Assessor
  • Adhere to our Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy


What can I expect from Eurovia and Ringway as my employer? We will:

  • Support you in gaining your training qualifications
  • Provide appropriate on-the-job work experience and sufficient time to enable you to achieve your training objectives
  • Comply with all relevant Health and Safety legislation and provide a safe working environment
  • Allow reasonable access to college staff for the purpose of providing assessment and or underpinning knowledge
  • Provide personal protective equipment in accordance with statute and good occupational practice
  • Take part in the regular reviews of your progress
  • Provide fair and documented pay and conditions of work
  • Value you as an employee and an apprentice
  • Support, advice and help to achieve your work and learning goals
  • Help to progress your career with advice on further training opportunities



So I have successfully passed the interview and assessment, what happens now?


You will embark upon your 2-year Apprenticeship. You will usually start the Scheme towards the end of the summer where the first 2-weeks (approximately), will be your induction into the Company, involving work shadowing where you will shadow team  members who work at your location to get a better understanding of the type of work that you will be undertaking during the scheme.  You will also receive a week of core skills training – this will be an intense week of training in the core skills needed within your role such as Health & Safety and Manual Handling. 


College usually commences in September where you will start the units from your NVQ and your Diploma.  All apprentices are permanent employees from day one and regular pay awards are available during the programme, subject to your achievements and your performance on site.