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In 2014 Eurovia Specialist Treatments commenced the installation of Imprinted Asphalt at multiple new developments in the Bridgend area. The Imprinted Asphalt system has been specified as the preferred solution for use on sections of the carriageway by Bridgend Council as an alternative to traditional block paving.

Traditionally, block paving has been used on housing developments as it is an aesthetically attractive option, but also provides a visual impact, which studies show slows down traffic in these heavily populated urban areas. The common issues when using traditional block paving are the movement of the blocks under traffic loading and weed growth which damage the carriageway and mean that it requires regular maintenance or repair. 

The process of Imprinted Asphalt works by laying a metal grid of the desired pattern onto warm asphalt.



By using Imprinted asphalt, the potential for trip hazards and weed growth are eliminated and in addition it is much quicker to install in comparison to traditional block paving methods.

The success of the system on the carriageway is such that it has been chosen as the preferred solution for footpath areas rather than traditional blocks. Bridgend Council stated that they see a real benefit in using Imprinted Asphalt and anticipate significant cost savings. Installing printed asphalt can offer saving of up to 60% when compared with the installation of natural stone blocks and continues to offer saving by reduced maintenance costs throughout its life.



Eurovia Specialist Treatments have been working closely with the developers and their groundworks contractors to ensure timely delivery, with minimal disruption to the new home owners. Current expectations are that there is a further five years of development in the Bridgend area.